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When someone mentions “health” we think of  physical health.  But there are two other aspects too: your emotional health and spiritual health.  Together, physical health + emotional health + spiritual health form your health wheel.

You can use a natural approach to help “true your wheel”, using your body’s functions.  These  functions include what we eat, and how we breathe, hydrate, sleep, and move.

These “spokes in your wheel” are not pharmaceutical nor costly.  And working together, your health is enhanced.

This does not replace regular medical care.  Continue to work with your team, and let them know you are trying to improve your lifestyle. 



Learn About The Spokes






What’s YOUR wheel? 


Take this self-assessment and see how healthy your “wheel” is – how well you are utilizing your body’s natural ability to heal.  Then, read the blogs “Mary’s Health Minute” and “The Spokes” to understand how you can improve your wheel.


What’s YOUR Wheel?







Testing and Services

I offer nutritional and lifestyle counseling for many conditions, including diabetes, bariatric surgery, autoimmune disease, and food allergies. 

If appropriate, I can offer specialized testing:


  • gut health evaluation (including biome diversity),
  • genetic testing & interpretation
  • food allergies
  • vitamin /  micronutrient deficiencies
  • Telomere testing (biological age)


Put this all together by consulting with me to personalize your plan!  My “secret sauce” is that I can interpret complex information from various sources to create a unique strategy for YOU – individually. Consults can be conducted in person, telephonically, or through online interface. 


My Services