The Spokes

What’s YOUR wheel?  We depend on several functions of our body to live, yet we ignore them most of the time.  

These functions fall into three main areas:  physical health, emotional health and spiritual health.  Think of these functions as a wheel.  The spokes on a wheel are our health habits which support us – or not!  The hub is, of course, you.

True your wheel for a better you!

Medical Conditions

Everybody deals with a medical concern.  Learn more about specific medical conditions, and what you can do to improve energy, immune system, and optimize your health.  Conditions include autoimmune disease, brain health / Alzheimer’s Disease, Diabetes, Bariatrics and more!

Micronutrients / Minerals 

Deficiencies were once considered rare – and many still are – but our national guidelines focus on correcting an inadequacy or deficiency.  What we should be focusing on is optimal levels of vitamins and minerals.  Also, learn about heavy metals and the effect they have on our bodies.

Clean Living

How clean is your living space – where you live, where you work and where you play?  The environments where you spend your time could be exposing you to various toxins, like  mold or pollutants.  Learn also about everyday products and how to reduce your exposure to unwanted chemicals.


Looking for recipes that are quick and easy to make, and delicious that the whole family will eat?  Look no further…

My Favorite Things

These are products that I use and love.  Read the reviews and decide if these are right for you!