Online courses for bariatric surgery, diabetes, autoimmune disease

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Bariatric Surgery:

      Success with Bariatric Surgery (preparation, preop, postop/recovery, and rest of your life).  ****Use code WEB25OFF for 25% off (your new price $29.99)

 Success with Bariatric Surgery 


      Avoiding weight regain after Bariatric Surgery

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     Part 1:  Types, blood glucose ranges, high & low values, pattern management, case studies

     Part 2:  Lifestyle:  foods, movement, stress, medications

     Part 3:  Self-care, working with your healthcare team

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Autoimmune Disease: 

Reducing inflammation, how gut health affects symptoms

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Medical Assistants!  Do you need continuing education credits?  Take our online courses!  We will give you a certificate, plus the curriculum for submission to your credentialing agency.  

Diabetes for Medical Assistants (suggest 1.0 hour CE)

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