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We offer individual nutrition consultations for diabetes, bariatrics, auto-immune disease, and other conditions.  Please consider our online courses to prepare you for the consultation (and save money!)

We can help you understand your genetic data (such as 23andme) and Viome results.

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Put this all together by consulting with me to personalize your plan! 

My “secret sauce” is that I can interpret complex information from various sources to create a unique strategy for YOU – individually.

Consults may be conducted in person (Garland, Texas location), telephonically, or through online interface.  

Specialized Testing

Gut Health – Our bacteria in our gut, our  biome, is thought now to be a contributor to several common chronic conditions as well as a factor in autoimmune disease flare-ups.  Find out which foods you should and should not include in your diet.   If appropriate, probiotic spores may be recommended.

Genetic Testing – While your genes may not determine your future, you can influence the epigenetic expression by your choices.

Food Allergies – Contributing to fatigue and other feelings of not being at your best, food allergens are often hidden in our foods.  Testing allows us to see which foods you may be sensitive to.

Vitamin /Micronutrient Deficiencies – Deficiencies are far more common than initially thought and a factor in the effective and efficient function of the body.

Telomere Testing – we know how old you are in time (chronologically) but how old are you biologically?  Your telomeres can tell us!

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