Mary McNeill


Mary McNeill has helped thousands of people improve their health. As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator,  she worked in the traditional healthcare system, as well as corporations and private practice.  Mary led individual and group instruction in nutrition, diabetes / insulin resistance, cardiometabolic disease, autoimmune disease, bariatrics, and other conditions.   In providing guidance to physicians and other healthcare professionals on advanced laboratory biomarkers, her colleagues introduced her to functional medicine. The wellness movement and the focus on integrative functional medicine seemed to be an answer to supporting the body’s own healing processes.  See the services we offer for all the ways you can benefit!

Mary and Steve are the proud parents of two sons, and a rescue dog named Levi.  She lives in north Texas, and enjoys gardening, photography, and travel.  Her current project is a pollinator garden, which is designed to attract native butterflies and bees.

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“I have known Mary McNeill for over 10 years and her counsel with me regarding my diabetes management has always been professional, competent, caring and concerned. She always provides reason and experience with her recommendations that prove to better my overall health condition.”
MCPO Steve Hines, USCG(ret)
Si vis pacem parabellum


“It was the best diabetes class I ever took!”



“If you have an interest in working with the best functional dietitian I know, I’m happy to connect you with Mary McNeill.”  



Mary, you are the greatest blessing in my life regarding my personal health. You have a unique approach and ability to bring complex health concepts down to a teachable level. You have positively impacted not only my overall health, but my family as well. You truly care about each person you touch and offer a personalized experience. You understand no two people are a like and thus you interpreted my results to fit my needs and my lifestyle. You are an unending resource of knowledge and support. The words no, cant, and wont are not in your vocabulary.

If you are looking for the best of the best, look no further. You are in excellent hands with Mary. We have one body- treat it right and understand how to best take care of it. You will not regret investing in your health!

– Nicole